Carlingford Brewing Company
The Old Mill
County Louth
A91 D850


Ireland's Ancient East is an initiative to encourage local and international tourists to explore the rich cultural heritage in 17 counties, east of the River Shannon. There is such a wealth of history, so many wonderful stories of fact and Celtic myth across astonishing landscapes, that you are encouraged to take your own journey through themes such as "Castles and Conquests" and "High Kings and Heroes".

Carlingford Brewing Company is proud to support Ireland's Ancient East. As well as aiming to produce the best beer we can possibly make, we also want to promote the beauty, history and legacy of Carlingford Town and its stunning landmarks.

By giving a brief history of these landmarks on our beer labels and here on our website, we hope we can drive more visitors to Carlingford, the Cooley Peninsula and beyond.

As well as giving some background to Carlingford and its sights, we are also promoting the famous Brown Bull of Cooley, Donn Cúailnge. We share the amazing story of the Táin Bó Cúailnge, or Cattle Raid of Cooley.

At the moment we are currently offering tours of our brewery where we not only guide visitors though the brewing process, but also tell them the story of the Táin and the landmarks that inspired our range of beer.

In 2017 we have plans to open a visitors' centre in our captivating 13th century mill. The centre will provide a stimulating journey through Carlingford's incredible history. We will also open a brewpub in the mill and revive its own rich story by informing guests of the crucial role it played in the local economy over the centuries.

Ireland's Ancient East tell us "Great Stories Stay With You Forever", we hope you'll enjoy our chapter.