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The Old Mill
County Louth
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Táin Taproom Pizza Kit & Beer Delivery

CREATE YOUR OWN TÁIN TAPROOM PIZZAS within the comfort of your own home with our new TÁIN TAPROOM PIZZA KIT.

Have fun, get creative and gather in the family with our very own authentic, house made ingredients and simple step guide. We have even included a copy of our signature pizzas for you to follow or simply make your own up!

Deliveries will be made every Saturday between 2pm and 5:30pm. Orders can be placed throughout the week, final orders by midnight on Friday. AT THE MOMENT WE CAN ONLY DELIVER TO THE COOLEY PENINSULA, BLACKROCK AND DUNDALK.

Alternatively, you can pick up your order, by calling at the Táin Taproom on the Dundalk Road in Riverstown, between 3pm and 4pm on Friday or Saturday.

So choose your options below (minimum order is €18). You can also add a side order, a dessert and of course, our very own craft beer. Once you click the button Add to Cart a PayPal page will open in the next tab on your browser. If you want to purchase anything else, click on Continue Shopping in the top right-hand corner of the PayPal page to go back to select more items. Your Cart will be updated each time until you are ready to complete the order. View Cart will take you to the PayPal page to complete your order. Please note, you do not need to have a PayPal account to make this order.

Delivery & Pick Up Options

You must choose a day for delivery or pick up. Then click Add To Cart. Pick up time is between 3pm and 4pm on Friday or Saturday..

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Pizza Kit

3 pizza kit includes 3 bases, tomato sauce, mozzarella, along with 6 different toppings: glazed ham, red onion chutney, pepperoni, chorizo, goats cheese and pesto. With this pizza kit you will be able to assemble one margarita or pepperoni, one vegetarian and one meat lovers pizza.

5 pizza kit includes 5 bases, tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, mozzarella cheese along with 10 different toppings: glazed ham, red onion chutney, pulled pork, pepperoni, chorizo, pesto, goats cheese, sweetcorn, sundried tomatoes, jalapenos. With this kit you will be able to assemble one margarita, one pepperoni, one vegetarian, one meat lovers and one pulled pork pizza.

Side Order

Freshly prepared garlic bread, it just needs to be put under a grill for 5 minutes.

Something Sweet

A homemade brownie with accompanying chocolate sauce, just warm at home.

Draught Beer In A Growler

750 ml of draught beer from a choice of Old Mill Lager, Taaffe's Red Ale, or Session IPA served up in a reuseable growler.

The Old Mill Lager 500ml

A crisp refreshing beer with a gentle mix of hops and malts.

Tholsel Blonde 500ml

A Belgian-style blonde brewed using four different hops.

Taaffe's Red Ale 500ml

Rich and ruby with toasted malts, toffee, caramel and chocolate.

Guest Beer Mix

Four very popular 440ml Irish craft beers in a pack of twelve: 3 x Yellowbelly Passionfruit Sour, 3 x Dot Session IPA, 3 x Dot Amber Ale and 3 x Yellowbelly American Pale Ale.

Carlingford Beer Mix

A range of 500ml beers from our very own brewery. Choose between a pack of six (2 x lager, 2 x blonde and 2 x red) or twelve (4 x lager, 4 x blonde and 4 x red).

Carlingford Brewing Co. Beer Glass

500ml glass emblazoned with the Carlingford Brewing Co. logo. €5 each.