Carlingford Brewing Company
The Old Mill
County Louth
A91 D850


Nestled in a leafy oasis, a Donn Cúailnge gallop from Carlingford; in the heart of the Cooley Peninsula, you'll find the Carlingford Brewing Company.

We strive to reflect the fine attributes of the wonderful town we represent. We're small, independent and friendly, standing on the shoulders of giants.

Our history is reflected in the style of beers we produce, with recipes that are centuries old, but taste that is timeless.

Like the rich golden grain that was once ground in our 14th century mill, our brewing process is refined, using premium ingredients and processes in honour of the legendary brewmasters.

And our beauty is...

Well, that's for you to discover...

Take a tour and find out.

Background: Rowan Quinn Photography