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The Old Mill
County Louth
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The Dominican Friary at Carlingford was founded by Richard Óg de Burgh, 2nd Earl of Ulster, in c.1305. He was a friend of King Edward I of England and ranked first among the Earls of Ireland. Richard, more commonly known as Richard de Burgo, wanted to establish a Dominican foundation in Carlingford. The Dominican Order, was created by Saint Dominic in the early thirteenth century in France. It is one of the great orders of mendicant friars that revolutionised religious life in Europe during the High Middle Ages.

As part of King Henry VIII's Reformation in Ireland, the priory was dissolved in 1540 but Dominicans returned to the site by the late 17th century and then abandoned it in the 18th century. The layout was typical of a Dominican friary; with a church, a cloister, dormitories, a refectory, a kitchen and a small mill.

You can visit the remains of the friary, walking five minutes from Carlingford's main street. There, you will discover the superb nave and chancel of the church with a magnificent central tower that was added in the early 14th century for added fortification. There are also remnants of the domestic quarters and the mill. This is a fantastic example of ecclesiastical Ireland in the 14th century.

Its legacy also lives on in our Friary Pale Ale.

Background: Rowan Quinn Photography