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The Old Mill
County Louth
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The Long Woman's Grave is situated next to The Windy Gap, between three mountains - Carlingford, Omeath and Ravensdale. It is about two miles from Omeath. The grave belongs to a Spanish noblewoman, Cauthleen, who was said to be seven foot tall. Although she was Spanish, from Cadiz in Andulicia, she was a descendant of the great O'Donnell clan in Donegal.

Lorcan O'Hanlon, was the youngest son of the Chieftain of Omeath. He owned a ship and started making his fortune overseas. On one of his voyages to Cadiz, he saved the life of Cauthleen and immediately fell in love with her. He told her stories of all the land he owned back in Ireland and asked her to marry him.

The pair eloped and arrived in Carlingford Lough where the locals were enchanted by the beautiful woman with her exotic jewels and clothes. However, Lorcan had been tricked by his brother and discovered he owned very little. Cauthleen was so disappointed when she found out, she had a heart attack and died. Lorcan was devastated and killed himself. The local people found Cauthleen's body and dug a grave where she lies to this day.

Its legacy also lives on in our Long Woman's IPA.

Background: Rowan Quinn Photography