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The beer style IPA is short for India Pale Ale. It's a pale ale which has an added dry hopped process and higher level of alcohol. There are debates over why it got that name. What is without doubt is that the beer was transported to British soldiers and workers based in India in the 19th century. It was felt it was too hot to brew beer in India at that time. What's under debate is whether the dry hops and high alcohol were to help the beer on its 6-month journey, or to mask the not-so-tasty flavours of the beer outside of the dry hops!

The IPA went out of fashion in Britain and the colonies, but was resurrected in the USA in the late 1970s. Californians raised the IBU and the ABV and the modern IPA was born. So, the history of the IPA is well-travelled - invented in Britain for the Indian market, revived in America, which then inspired brewers in Ireland and Britain.

Long Woman's IPA is a generously hopped American style IPA. Our selection of American hop varieties produces a taste of fruitiness with floral notes rounded off with an earthy aroma. The bitterness from the hops matches well with spicy or fried salty food. So, fish & chips, a rogan josh curry or a yummy burrito go perfect with this beer, in fact anything spicy, will be complemented.

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Wondering where the name comes from?

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