Carlingford Brewing Company
The Old Mill
County Louth
A91 D850


If you've read our story of the Táin, you'll know Donn Cúailnge, the Brown Bull, was bold and brave. Well, we wanted to be a bit bold and brave with a series of seasonal beers, trying out weird and wonderful things away from our core, classic range. So, we're introducing the Donn Cúailnge Special Range.

The first beer in this line is a delicious blend of traditional red ale with a milk stout to produce an amazingly smooth brown ale. So, we've called it the Irish Brown Ale. It has a sweet, malty flavour from a wide selection of grains, followed by a hint of citrus hops. It goes well with roasted, smoked or grilled meats, like juicy bbq burgers, roast lamb or grilled sausage.