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Taaffe’s Castle is situated in the centre of Carlingford. It was built at the start of the 16th century as a fortified townhouse and a trading depot where deliveries from the sea where stored and collected.  Business would have been conducted on the bottom floor and the upper floors contained the living quarters. The building was constructed in two phases. The older portion was the tower house which was built in the early 1500’s. It still has many of the original windows while the ground floor entrance to the basement has been altered. The annex was added approximately 50 years later to provide more spacious living quarters.

The landmark got its name from one of the leading families in Ireland. In 1628, Sir John Taaffe was raised to the Peerage of Ireland as Viscount Taaffe, of Corren, and Baron Ballymote. His eldest son, Theobald, succeeded him as 2nd Viscount Taaffe and took a prominent part in the English Civil War and on the Restoration was created Earl of Carlingford. The 1st Earl was succeeded by his second son Nicholas, who had served in the Anglo-Spanish War, as 2nd Earl. He was killed at the 1690 Battle of the Boyne fighting for the former King James II of England against William III of Orange.

Its legacy is celebrated in our Taaffe's Red beer.